YouCam partners with Hamptons Fashion Week

YouCam partners with Hamptons Fashion Week

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Advancements in artificial intelligence has led to new technologies making their way into the fashion industry, creating a brand new way to boost the revenue companies can make at fashion events and more. Using AI(Artificial Intelligence) to connect with a company’s various demographics gives the chance to create a more personalized experience, allowing fashion lovers to personally connect with their customers.

YouCam, a popular beauty app, has partnered with this year’s Hamptons Fashion Week. With AI(Artificial Intelligence) and virtual reality technology, you can try out new beauty trends in the virtual world to see what works for you before heading to your favorite fashion or makeup store.

Through partnering with Hamptons Fashion Week, Youcam has uploaded to most popular runway looks regarding fashion and makeup to their platform. Using these stock images of current, high end runway looks, beauty lovers of every demographic can now virtually try on these runway looks to see what they like.

It is the hope of YouCam to keep expanding, making the statement “We are thrilled to team up with Hamptons Fashion Week to further elevate the runway beauty experience by allowing fans to dive deeper into the glamour of fashion week through interactive AR(Augmented Reality) try-ons according to