Who Shirt Company Receives Patents for Built-In Bras

Who Shirt Company Receives Patents for Built-In Bras

Image source: MEI TAO-COURTESYV2

The Who Shirt Company was recently awarded five patents for shirts that have bras built-into their design, offered in a variety of styles and fastening options. These shirts were designed by Who’s company founder Libby Haan, a cancer survivor with 20 years of industry experience who has named each of her patents after women whom she describes as exceptional and admirable, such as a sweater named after Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a turtleneck named after Alice Walker.

Haan intended to innovate on the already existing designs for built-in bra shirts and sports bras, aiming to avoid the wearer from needing to pull on bra straps when wearing a thick layer of clothing such as a turtleneck. Each purchase of Haan’s designs for the Who Shirt Company also has proceeds donated to the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Haan has also stated sales have gone very well for the product, with return rates as low as 14 percent.

Even with a niche and specialized company like Who Shirt, fashion designers can find great success when they have a clear concept in mind when making their patent. Being transparent about philanthropic goals and altruistic causes is also sure to get at least some people guaranteed to purchase the item in a desire to assist both the company and the people they’re helping.

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