How has Covid-19 affected Beauty & Grooming standards?

How has Covid-19 affected Beauty & Grooming standards?

It is no secret that the new going out is in fact staying in. Ever since coronavirus (COVID-19) has shifted the new normal in America and forced many  Americans to stay home and convene virtually, the standards have changed for industries. As a result of seeing each other less and less in person, does the public still feel the need to get all “dolled up”? A study conducted by GCI magazine ( shows that grooming standards have quickly slipped since the lockdown period of quarantine. Many cosmetic users have enjoyed applying make up less often giving them more freedom to be in tune with their natural look. Even sales of colored cosmetics (foundation, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow) have decreased since the pandemic. While twenty-eight percent of cosmetic users miss wearing makeup feeling unlike themselves without it, and undoubtedly there are some users stuck in the middle. 

Throughout the quarantine period of the global health pandemic, the beauty industry has used other avenues to reach consumers since trying products in store is no longer steadily available. This is a challenge for all involved. For consumers it reduces their brand experience. Thus having a reduction of products sold for the brand and equally, less for the retailer. Amenities like membership services are becoming popular among beauty brands and salons. Online tutorials & natural beauty videos are now more eye-catching to consumers, as a matter of fact the same GCI study states seventeen percent of American cosmetic users are interested in shift to how-to tutorials rather going in person to the salon. Of course, long periods of confinement affects men and women differently. Noting that men prefer more special attention for their grooming and would prefer personal consultants and video assistance. While women can go with less direction when perfecting their makeup and skin care routine. 

As the nation continues to feel the effects of COVID-19 it is hard to say if industries, like cosmetics, will ever be the same. Though it doesn’t mean that beauty businesses can’t thrive, as forty four percent of citizens see beauty during lockdown as simply self-care. The transition to majority online services has been seamless for some beauty brands and others have used their struggle to lead with innovation. With the pandemic reaffirming social media and beauty influencers already who already have established their fan base virtually their opportunity to grow in the market has increased significantly. What does this mean for aspiring makeup gurus and stylists? This is your moment to capture an audience that is looking for input and guidance during this moment of  virtual reality. Now is the best time to introduce content that includes your best natural glam, quick & easy looks, and skincare routines. Mediums like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are popular platforms for content creators, so now is your time to shine! While grooming standards may have slipped, self care will never cease especially during a global health crisis. 

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