How Can Knowing The Fashion Trends Benefit You As An Emerging Designer?

Fashion Forecasting can help designers predict what colors, fabrics, trends and styles will be in trend for the upcoming seasons. By knowing what is popular, you are able to understand your customer and have a gist of what they would be leaning towards in fashion. Following the trend IS the trend. Designers do not necessarily follow the trends exactly, but are inspired by the fabrics, silhouettes, and colors that are trending and then incorporate them into their next line. is a great site to find color trends. We encourage you to take a look at their Color Trend Report. They create a master list of the top colors that give designers ideas on what shades and hues to move towards. There are 26 trends for Fall/Winter 2017- 2018. We have featured four of Vogue Paris‘s padded jackets, matrix, office wear, and ostrich feathers.