Do Celebrities Always Help Your Business?

Do Celebrities Always Help Your Business?

As New York Fashion Week is approaching, the front rows are always more elusory than their clothes. Vogue predicted, what shows celebrities will or will not attend.

Here are some Vogue’s predictions: Kate Moss might reunite with Calvin Klein, Drake has high chances to appear at Fenty x Puma, and the “NEW” Taylor Swift might pop-up at Yeezy? These celebrities are catching eyeballs more than clothes, however, they do bring attentions to the brands. Nevertheless, it is not a good idea all the time, especially for emerging designer brands.

ArtWorks™ co-founder and marketing expert Jeremy Stennett stated that “money can be better spent on product development or general marketing than on celebrity endorsement.” Apparently, most emerging designers do not have enough understanding of the market place and may make serious mistakes in merchandising. Our agency is here to help designers like you. We will make customized business plans and 360 degrees solutions for your business. Whether you need help with sales, manufacturing, legal, marketing or funding to pay for a large order, ArtWorks™ was created for you.  Please contact us today, and we will achieve the success you seek together.

–by Yueying Zhu

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