Blue Ivy Trademark

Since the birth of their first child in 2012, Beyonce and Jay-Z have attempted to trademark the name Blue Ivy Carter for multimedia purposes. There was an explosive media response to Beyonce’s first pregnancy, as she announced during her performance at the 2011 VMA’s. It was rumored that the couple was setting to launch a baby wear line named after Blue Ivy featuring apparel and other maternity products. Unfortunately, this plan was halted as the name Blue Ivy was already trademarked by a Boston wedding planning company. It is under speculation whether the powerful couple knew about knowledge previously. Blue Ivy Events trademarked Blue Ivy in 2009 and is run by entrepreneur Veronica Alexandra.


 The company offers services like wedding planning, consultations, and is located cross-country. The couple argues that the trademark is for Blue Ivy Carter, not just Blue Ivy, but the US Trademark Corporation feels there is not a valid enough distinction between the two names in order for it to be considered a different claim. The Carters have established an empire based on their name so it is arguable that the two terms aren’t synonymous.  Blue Ivy has been deemed a cultural icon not only by her parents but by society. Even at the age of seven she is the youngest individual to be featured on the Billboard 100 with her and her mother’s song, Brown skin girl, for the Lion King album. There is no doubt that Blue has left a monetary impact on the industry. Ultimately, without the approval of the US Trademark Corporation Ms. Alexandra is still holds ownership over the name Blue Ivy. Keeping in mind that it is illegal to register for a name that has been previously trademarked, it is likely that the Carters’ claim with remain denied.